Employment Authorization

Employment Authorization

Are you assigning employees to work in a foreign country either on a temporary or long-term basis? Or planning to hire foreign nationals? These employees may need work visas, work permits and/or residence permits before they can begin work or even travel to the destination country. It can take many weeks or even months to obtain the necessary visas and permits. Advance planning is crucial in order to ensure the assignment or new hire goes smoothly and is not delayed by immigration requirements and bureaucratic red tape. We can pre-assess candidates to ensure that they qualify for the necessary visas and permits. And once eligibility is confirmed, we walk the company and the employee through each step of the immigration process, providing detailed process overviews so that everyone knows what to expect from the start. We offer a simple solution for global immigration matters as we have a US-based legal team capable of handling immigration matters worldwide. We partner with our clients to help them get key talent where they need it when they need it.

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