Lustgarten Global is a global business immigration law firm that provides comprehensive global (non-US) immigration services, including procuring employment visas, work permits, residence permits and business visas in countries around the world. The firm focuses on providing high-quality, individualized service in each case. We primarily represent U.S.-based corporations with mid-size global mobility programs because the firm can provide the highest level of service possible by tailoring its services to this client demographic.

Work Permits and Visas – We represent companies in obtaining work permits and visas for key foreign national employees in countries around the world.

Business Visas – We specialize in managing complex business visa cases, particularly those where there are eligibility or jurisdiction issues or the visa must be obtained very quickly.  We also often procure business visas for executives who want a full-service immigration experience without the hassle of having to deal with the consulate themselves.

Document Procurement and Authentication – We procure, legalize and apostille documents, including birth and marriage certificates, educational degrees, corporate documents and letters for use in work permit or visa cases.

Global Mobility Program Design and Strategic Consultation – We assist companies in designing (and re-designing) their global mobility programs and policies. We also conduct strategic consultations to help companies find solutions to persistent immigration challenges, or plan for anticipated challenges or projects.

Non-traditional Assignments: Rotational Staff and Perpetual Business Travelers – We are particularly adept at managing non-traditional international “assignments,” including frequent business travelers who need work permits and rotational field service personnel who may need simultaneous work permits or visas in many countries at once.

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