US Immigration Law Firm Collaboration

US Immigration Law Firm Collaboration

As we do not practice US immigration law but instead specialize exclusively in global/non-US immigration law, we are frequently called on to partner with US immigration law firms to provide global services to their clients. We are able to work closely with US attorneys to provide a seamless service to their clients by sharing information, process overviews and checklists. Because we are a boutique firm with a single point of contact model for all global cases, we are able to accommodate protocols and processes that a client may already have in place with their trusted US counsel. We are happy to provide centralized billing for all global matters either to the US law firm, or directly to the end client. If you are a US attorney whose corporate clients have asked you about immigration assistance outside the US, or if you are interested in being able to offer global services to your clients, please feel free to reach out to us to discuss.

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