Speaking Engagements

Global Business Development Strategies (AILA Global Immigration Forum, June 2019)   


This panel at the AILA Global Immigration Forum reviewed the ins and outs of global business development strategies for immigration attorneys, including digital and print marketing, old-fashioned networking and cutting edge online tools. 


Nuts and Bolts of Global Immigration (AILA Global Immigration Forum, June 2018)


This panel at the AILA Global Immigration Forum provided an overview of global immigration for attorneys who were new to the field or who wanted to deepen their understanding of key global immigration concepts and trends.


What You Don’t Know Can Hurt You: The New EU Data Privacy Rules (AILA Annual Conference, June 2018)   


Practitioners who believe the EU's new General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), set to go into effect in May 2018, won't affect their practices and they can simply ignore them are in for a rude awakening. As international rules on these issues continue to change at a fast pace, U.S. immigration lawyers will need to navigate various country specific regulations (while concurrently complying with a panoply of U.S. federal and state laws) to ensure that they are in compliance on a global basis, and that client information is securely maintained.

Technology in Global Immigration Practice (AILA Global Immigration Section Teleconference, February 2015)

Optimizing the use of technology is a critical and current focal point of a global migration practice. This panel examined factors to consider when selecting technology, described the features of the technology currently in use (including pros and cons), and shared opinions on how to utilize technology to increase efficiency and improve client satisfaction in the modern global migration practice.

Outbound 101 (American Immigration Lawyers Association, Annual Conference, June 20, 2015) 


This panel at the AILA Annual Conference provided an introduction to outbound/global immigration practice, including a discussion of the ethical and practical issues that US attorneys need to consider before beginning in this area of practice, including UPL, confidentiality, fee sharing, the FCPA and the logistics of working with Foreign Legal Consultants.

Performers, Artists and Athletes on the Global Stage (AILA Global Immigration Section Teleconference, September 2015)

This panel addressed the unique challenges that face performers, artists and athletes seeking to work in countries around the world. Specifically, the panelists identified common pitfalls encountered when seeking both short term visitor status and work authorization in many countries, including Argentina, the Netherlands and the UK.